We are experts and professionals in moving, transferring and relocating drilling rigs. We do so safely, reliably and efficiently. This is accomplished by utilizing specific skills of our people, exceptionally maintained equipment and careful, thorough planning of every aspect related to the job at hand. Safety is an integral concern at every step, and that responsibility is at the forefront for all Allnite personal.

As communication is key to achieving excellence in efficiency and safety we have implemented a satellite communications system. This efficiency will be experienced by our clients not only by the smooth operations but also in cost savings.

To extend our capabilities of what we can offer our clients we have purchased new equipment that we are excited to be able to offer this summer. Please visit our equipment or what’s new page for all the information!


Allnite Trucking operates from its head office in Boyle Alberta, with shops in Highlevel and Consort, allowing us to efficiently service our clients, maintain our equipment, and utilize our resources and assets province wide. Efficiency and reliability are key in this industry and we strive to exceed on both of these fundamentals.